I would be more than happy to create something custom just for you, something to inspire your corporate or residential interior decor.

About me

Since I was a child, I evolved my passion for painting. From that moment on, painting became my reality. With the same passion, I followed the Painting courses of the Academy of Arts in Venice. The painting reflects my reality: I prefer to use the term: the soul’s picture, unknown lands. Emotions, desires, aspirations…all of these constitute a universe of the soul.

CRISTINA MARIA SAVIN – The Soul’s Gentle Drift

by Gabriella Niero

The light veil of emotion moves freely across the canvas. This touch defines Cristina Maria Savin, a young painter of our times, who plunges into the corners of the psychic to create a new visionary art where history and nature intertwine, where rationality and instinct combine.
Ancestral shapes, globes and cells, anthropomorphic profiles, female faces in the shade and veggetal arabesques emerge from the basic structure, marked by a distinctive sign. The dream atmosphere takes one’s eye: it is a free world that opens to boundless spaces…

Get started

If you think we are a good fit, please contact me with the following:
✓ The size of the painting you desire.
✓ A description of the concept, what colors you’d like and maybe which of my current works you like. Also, I would be glad to have a contact of you so that we can further chat on details.
✓ Feel free to send me inspiration images for the painting or images of the wall where the painting will be placed as well as images of the surrounding spaces.

The process

Once your message is received, I will get in contact with you and have further conversations so that we get to know each other better and make sure that you will get exactly what you desire.

After a price is agreed, and an initial down-payment is made, I will start working on your custom painting. First you will get composition sketches that will act as a general outline, and when we both think these are absolutely perfect I will proceed with the canvas actual painting.

Final steps

Once the artwork is ready, and you’ve given the final approval, the paiting need an ample time to get dry, a process that can take up to two weeks and which is absolutely essential.

Then I will pack the painting and ship it to you. The cost of the shipping will vary, depending on your location and size of the painting, and it is not included in the initial project price estimation.

Time frame

The entire project will take up to around 6-10 weeks, depending on the size, complexity of the concept, drying time and my current workload. If you are on a deadline and you need your project done asap, please let me know about this from our initial discutions. I will make my best to deliver in your deadline, but letting me know about this just days before your deadline will most probably make the delivery not possible.


The price estimation will be communicated to you after our initial discutions about the size and the desired concept of the painting. A non refundable down payment of 30% need to be placed in order for me to start working on your sketches for your custom painting and order your canvas. After the final approval is given, you will get the final invoice for the painting and once the full payment is confirmed I will ship the painting to you.

Let’s do it!

Great! I will be more than excited to hear from you and your desired custom painting. E-mail me the information listed at the “Get started” section, and I will get back in contact with you for further details. I can assure you that I will get the work done so that we are both delighted with the result.


Oil on canvas + gold | 70/100 cm

Interested in this painting?

Alter Ego

Oil on canvas | 70/70 & 30/30 cm

Interested in this painting?


Oil on canvas | 30/30 cm

Interested in this painting?


Oil on canvas | 40/80 cm

Interested in this painting?

Happy Customers

I had the pleasure of engaging Cristina to decorate all my company offices with canvas paintings, and I was delighted to deal with her from start to finish. I wanted something special, and all her ideas were excellent. I was so impressed that I ordered her some more paintings to design the labels for the wine varieties I produce.

Dan Corbut

CEO, Agroind Cauaceu SA

I really needed a painting with a great emotional impact for me, and it was very difficult to find someone with whom I would be on the same wavelength! It is very important for me to resonate with the person I collaborate with. From the beginning I felt Cristina would understand the subtlety of the thoughts I proposed. And, the result was beyond expectations. Every movement of the brush from which the painting is made awakens the emotion I was looking for.

Cristina Marcu

Hotel Manager

A talented artist with a great and sensitive soul: Cristina Savin. Her paintings, which I enjoy every day on my walls, are the expression in colors and textures of sensitivity and delicacy.

Judit Platon

Chief Accountant

Once I visited the website I knew that I found the painting I was looking for: minimalist and details perfect. As a result, after this first buy, I gladly ordered two more paintings, in the same register. I don’t typically take the time to write testimonials but my experience with Cristina has been so positive that I am prompted to do so.

Marius Toader

Lastenheft. Expert GmbH

Letters from me

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