“Completing your space, to be all it can be”.

This is my motto, starting with the desire to paint whatever
you dream about, and with a revolt against mass-produced prints.
Because you deserve what you desire!

People never understood that someone can’t fight against mediocrity only through pain. There is not much changed through culture or spirit; but through pain, something is changed.

What I have best in me is due to pain. I don’t love it, nor convict it. 

Emil Cioran


Date of birth: 13.03.1989

2014 – Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia, Bachelor’s degree level II

2012 – Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia, Bachelor’s degree




Personal Expositions:

2015 – County’s Library “GHEORHE SINCAI”, Oradea, Soul’s Picture.

2015 The Main Aula of the Salonta City Hall – Soul’s Picture.

Group Expositions (Selection)

2017 Painting Group Exhibition – organized by ArtisanArt by Gina Dragomir, Timişoara.

2017 – Group Exhibition within TEDxOradea Adventures – Meet the Ladies – organized by Ladies, Wine & Design Oradea and Manifest pentru Oradea.

2012 – CENTRO D’ARTE SAN VIDAL – U.C.A. Scoletta din San Zaccaria Venezia – Proiezioni d’Arte Futura.

Hobbies & Interests

When art becomes your job, this kind of work is beyond a ‘job’ designation. Art making to me is definitely not merely just ‘a job’ or a profession, but a life commitment, my greatest hobby.

Charity, as using my talent and interests to passionately give back to society, by donating paintings for auctions organized for noble causes.

I am also fascinated about traveling, as I love to go where I haven’t gone before and see what I haven’t seen before, because I always find out something new about me.

Music is one of my favorite hobbies, it gives me energy, and very often it is an inspiration for my work.



Happy Customers

I had the pleasure of engaging Cristina to decorate all my company offices with canvas paintings, and I was delighted to deal with her from start to finish. I wanted something special, and all her ideas were excellent. I was so impressed that I ordered her some more paintings to design the labels for the wine varieties I produce.

Dan Corbut

CEO, Agroind Cauaceu SA

I really needed a painting with a great emotional impact for me, and it was very difficult to find someone with whom I would be on the same wavelength! It is very important for me to resonate with the person I collaborate with. From the beginning I felt Cristina would understand the subtlety of the thoughts I proposed. And, the result was beyond expectations. Every movement of the brush from which the painting is made awakens the emotion I was looking for.

Cristina Marcu

Hotel Manager

A talented artist with a great and sensitive soul: Cristina Savin. Her paintings, which I enjoy every day on my walls, are the expression in colors and textures of sensitivity and delicacy.

Judit Platon

Chief Accountant

Once I visited the website I knew that I found the painting I was looking for: minimalist and details perfect. As a result, after this first buy, I gladly ordered two more paintings, in the same register. I don’t typically take the time to write testimonials but my experience with Cristina has been so positive that I am prompted to do so.

Marius Toader

Lastenheft. Expert GmbH

© Cristina Savin