Collection silk scarf 70×70 cm


Printed in limited edition, after oil on canvas paintings
100% pure natural silk
Made in Italy
Size: 70 × 70 cm


Made with passion and dedication, made of 100% natural silk, these luxury scarves complete any outfit and bring with them a note of glamor, being perfect both for a casual, everyday outfit and for more formal or business outfits. .
The idea was to create shapes that do not conform to the standard geometric rules, which seem to flow through the fabric and which retain that artistic quality of oil painting.

Whether finished in contrasting, bright colors, pastel tones or black and white, all models have a warm and welcoming touch.
I find it fascinating how a simple scarf means something different to each of us, and that makes us unique.

You will love it, because you are different, because you know, like me, that the world is full of magic and because you love to make a statement through absolutely everything you surround yourself with.